Sunday, December 30, 2007

Windows XP Tip : Resolving "NTLDR is missing" error

I recently had a virus attack which corrupted my NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM.
XP refused to boot. Many folks think that the only way is to reinstall XP but here I'll show you how to recover these files and get back your XP booting up in 5 mins.

1. Pop in your Windows XP Installation CD and reboot.
Windows XP Setup starts.

2. Press R to enter Recovery console mode.
Select the installation instance and enter your admin password.

3. You now have access to the command prompt where you can enter commands to recover your installation. Some useful commands are - help, cd, map, chkdist etc. Help will display all commands available to you.

4. Type map to view all the disks. Keep note of the drive letter of you windows installation and the cd rom drive

5. Type the following commands to copy the ntldr and files

copy d:\i386\ntldr c:

copy d:\i386\ c:

Where, c:\ is where your windows xp installation resides and d:\ is the cd drive letter. You can verify it from the result of the map command

6. Counter check if your boot.ini file is intact.
type c:\boot.ini

7. Voila! Your nltdr is recovered. Type exit to reboot.

8. Results.

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