Thursday, September 04, 2008

Browsers get Speedier and the competition heats up...

This is more like a filler post as I hardly have time to blog on weekdays. This week had so many really interesting things happening in the tech world that I just couldn't help ..myself.

Google loves to hog the limelight and they did it again in great style by releasing "Chrome", the google branded web browser based on WebKit. Touted as the fastest and safest browser ever, with a new Javascript virtual machine called V8, and a multiprocess approach to individual tabs, Chrome is an amazing experience. I tested it on my office Vista machine, and it was clean, easy to use, light and really fast. First impression, an awesome "A". As firefox is blocked in office, and Chrome surprising installs without Vista prompting me for an Admin password, I can see how Chrome easily replaces ie7 for me in my workplace.

To make things more interesting, Brendan from Mozilla posted results of their own new Javascript engine Tracemonkey for their next generation browser Firefox 3.1, on his blog, showing how it kicks chrome's butt in the SunSpider Benchmarks.
I did a quick test and found it really snappy and fast compared to the current Firefox 3. It's still an alpha so don't expect great things from it yet :).

The already saturated Browser market has yet another competitor, which surprisingly has the potential to outshine the leaders. But the fox is still not out of the race yet. M$'s got a lot of work to do now, if it still wants to keep up in the race.

I am still waiting for Chrome's native linux version. Or else, will have to use Wine to run it, but then that's for the weekend. Good Night everyone.

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