Monday, January 15, 2007

iPhone: Is it Really Worth it ?

iPhone = iPod + phone + internet + Revolutionary technology ;)

Finally, after years of refusing rumours, Jobs unveiled the new iPhone (I hope that's what it will be called, if they win the lawsuit raised against them by CISCO) in the recent highly anticipated and eagerly awaited MacWorld Conference. Jobs and his team concealed and hid the product so well that even insiders in Apple didn't know about the product till it was shown in the conference.

iPhone is releasing only in June/July in US, so its too early to comment on its current specs. But from the keynote and the website we can infer the following -

(+) - Video iPod
(+) - Wifi, bluetooth and other connectivity options
(+) - A rich text Safari browser
(+) - Too Sleek and Sexy for a smartphone
(+) - Intuitive Interface
(+) - Accelerometer (cool)
(+) - Multitasking OS (MacOSX)

(-) - Keyboard
(-) - Dev. platform not open for 3rd party developers
(-) - Bundled apps
(-) - Broadband Wifi still expensive
(-) - Expensive

So how much do you pay for it. 499$ and 599$ for the 4 GB and 8 GB editions with an AT & T (formerly Cingular) carrier

My take: The touch sensitive screen could work both ways as we aren't sure if it's scratch and smudge resistant. It did look pretty responsive but I am still not satisfied by the screen keyboard. SMSs and typing word docs could be hell of a task.

Moreover, Jobs said he does not want to open the platform for 3rd party dev. as a single bad app could bring down the entire service network. Well, I don't suppose Cingular's network is so bad that it can be brought down by one malfunctioning app. It seems likely that Jobs is trying to close the platform for certified MacOS dev. only.

The current apps bundled are all internet intensive apps. Google Maps, widgets etc, which need a reliable wifi service. For people living in other countries, it could be difficult to get one cheaply.
Also, Steve didn't mention a single office app, which means will have to buy it seperately from Apple, adding to the existing cost.

It is too early to comment on the success/failure of the product, but one thing is clear, it sure packs a punch, seamlessly integrating the internet with the mobile platform and is surely going to sell a million units in first few days. If it will be as successful as the iPod, only time will tell if it's really worth it.

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