Sunday, February 25, 2007

Phone Buying Woes

I have been waiting for over an year now, to get the ideal next gen phone, loaded with killer features but easy on pocket.

My current SE K500 is too old fashioned and barely can make calls, thanks to the frequent hammering and battering, by it's carefree and careless owner.

Manufacturers like Nokia are pushing the technology to the edge, with packing almost everything into a nifty package. The N series line up boasts of phones with amazing capabilities.

Here I'll discuss the bare minimum features I am looking for a phone, and a list of impressive candidates to chose from.

Features I am looking for, in Descending order of priority

  • Wifi + VoIp support
  • Smartphone with atleast Symbian
  • 2MP + Cam
  • Edge, 3G or similar
  • Bluetooth
  • Java or Flash Preinstalled games
  • And of course decent voice clarity
  • Budget : 400 - 700 USD

Places like Singapore and many US states already have free broadband Wifi, and with support for VoIP, one can expect cheap internet and mobile connectivity.

I've been going around in a frantic search of phones that offer all the listed features, but till now the list is not that impressive. As Wifi becomes more prominent and widespread, we can expect to see more carriers and manufacturers shifting to the Wifi and WiMax bandwagon.

  • Nokia N75
  • Nokia N93i
  • Nokia E65
  • Nokia N80
  • Apple iPhone
  • More to be added soon

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