Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CTIA 2007

CTIA 2007 is currently going on in Orlando, USA. The biggest and the most amazing canvas of the latest and greatest in wireless and mobile technologies.
So what's so interesting about it ?

CTIA showcases an extravagant display of the latest and the coolest cellphones and mobile devices. Nokia unvieled their new N series offerings - N75, N76, N93i. The E series - E65i and the new Nokia Communicator.
Nokia has always been criticised for their heavily beefed up models. They have been losing out in the design and style segment over the years but they seem to have made up for the losses thanks to the loads of business consumers, who like the sturdy,smart, serious and feature rich Nokia phones.

There were other impressive displays by Samsung, LG and Kyocera but my favorite phone was the new Sony Ericsson W580. First glance, and you can deduce it as the successor to the hugely popular W850 slider phones.Inside you'll find stereo Bluetooth, a memory stick micro slot, a 2-megapixel camera, song ID capability for identifying unfamiliar music tracks, quadband world phone support, and an FM radio.

Not many people will dispute that SE has the best designers in today's market. They have joined the others in the slim-thin phones segment, once pioneered by moto RAZR, with some amazing phones. Carefully crafted and with oozing sex appeal, SE phones are here to stay.
I just wish Nokia could have come up with something new, fresh and different than coming up with the N75 which looks like another RAZR clone.

My only qualm is the lack of wifi and till then I'll be waiting with my almost dysfunctional SE K500.

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