Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ubuntu Feisty 7.4 vs Fedora Core 6 Part 1

Recently I tested the new Ubuntu Feisty and was tempted to compare it with my trusty old FC6. Here are my observations.
1. Download: Ubuntu came in a feature rich 700 MB iso whereas the FC6 was a 3.2 + GB iso.
That was the only version apart from the 5 CD isos for FC. Both were downloaded off the nearest mirror which was in the university itself, hence really fast downloads.
With ubuntu, I spent another few hours or so downloading the extra packages, which wasn't the case in FC.
Remarks : Ubuntu's slick compilation of packages in the 700 MB iso is good for the normal users but for power users who want their servers and development tools, FCs 3.2 GB, satisfies all.
Result: Tie Ubuntu 1 FC 1
2. Installation: Both came with a graphical installation and seemed very similar. Ubuntu had an additional option of migrating windows accounts to ubuntu, which may not be a much useful feature for home users. It also didn't give me an option to import my fedora user accounts to ubuntu, which was disappointing. FC6 installation gave you more options to customise and choose the packages, the bootloaders etc, whereas ubuntu installation was click and configure everything default.
Feisty's simple installation reaches well with new linux users but the power users would still expect more customisation options.
Remarks: Ubuntu's live cd, no frills installation targets the new users who might find FC6 installation a bit more overwhelming. Again no losers.
Result: Ubuntu 2 FC 2

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