Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gears of War, Heroes and more

After a very long time,
Gamespot gave such high points to a FPS.

Whooping 9.6 !!!. Last time I remember any FPS to get more than
9 was Fear. After that, its been a drought of good FPSs.

Gears of War, is touted as the next big thing to the XBOX genre
after Halo 2. Only time will tell how true it is. Anyways, its unanimous, If you have X360, go and get ur GOW now.

This week was, the latest Heroes - 107.
The directors have done a good job interconnecting lives of all
the characters who seem to posses some amazing superpowers.
Though, some of them are rip offs from the XMen series, but efforts to
make them look original is clearly visible. Every ep, some new superhuman
is introduced, and it keeps the show alive.

Save the cheerleader, save the world.!!!. They can do better than this ;)


AA said...

so u've turned into a games freak too? have u tried out the new consoles yourself?

Anoj said...

yeah. Played the X360. We have an IT showroom next to my Hostel, where they let us play games ;)