Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone is here....

The wait for the miracle device is almost over. At 6 PM 29th June, which is just a day away from now , AT & T stores worldwide will open the iPhone to the world.
The handful of lucky souls who managed to get their hands on the exclusive wonder child of Steve jobs, had pretty nice things to say about it. Be it design, ease of use, features, style,... the iPhone has almost everything great going for it.

Recently Apple announced iPhone's capability of reading Office documents and hinted the possibility of accessing exchange mails on the device. Support of iTunes ringtones, and the inclusion of glass screen over the normal plastic LCDs, make it more desirable (less scratches and amazing ringtones)

So, is the iPhone infallible?
Is it the most perfect phone ever?
Should the likes of Nokia and Motorola feel intimaded and run for covers?

Well, to start off, it seems to be way cellphones were always meant to be.
For people in the US, going for AT & T could be only deterrent as far as I can think of. The lack of 3G could be a major drawback, but support for Wifi and the spawn of thousands of Wifi hotspots which are coming up in major cities all over the world, should be enough to satisfy the needs of users for the time being . Who knows, iPhone might accelerate this Wifing proccess further.

It's very clear that iPhone is targeted at a much wider user base, one of the reasons which Apple PR states in support of its lack of 3G module. Places like India and China could prove to be the biggest markets for Apple.

And for Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericssons.., they now have a tough task on their hands, and they better put on their thinking hats, and come up with something, or else like the iPods, the iPhone is here to rule for years to come.

More news tomorrow when the iPhone comes out. Till then keep your fingers crossed . You might just get your hands on one of these if you are in luck, so start queuing outside your nearest AT & T store before its too late ..;)

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