Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Accessing net in protected environments case 1

Over the next few months, I'll discuss cases where people use dumb ways to restrict internet access in corporate or training pcs.

place: SISL Delhi
description: SAP Training institute
type of restriction: IE content advisor restrictions
effectiveness scale: 2/10

Method: As an admin, just include certain website URLs in IE content advisor, that you would want your clients to access. Rest all URLs are blocked. This method seems to be infallable as only ie is the onl browser one has, installed on the pc.

Solution : To overcome this restriction, all you need is an alternate browser like opera or firefox. The tricky part is how? To download you'll have to download it off or but how to access these URLs in the first place.
Another alternate is to bring it in an USB or CD and install it (too time consuming)

: What if you don't have admin rights to your pc ? Generally opera installs without need for admin rights, which is supercool. Else, we will cover it in future case studies.

1. open cmd and ping
2. If it works, then you are in luck. No need to sniff or configure proxies for your browser
3. Using ftp program, connect and get the download file
4. we are done. Happy surfing using Opera.

We assume, cmd is activated for normal users
ftp program is installed and available to use
You can install Opera or any other 3rd party apps

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