Saturday, July 19, 2008

KDE4: Installing and configuring Network Manager

K Desktop EnvironmentI am really frustrated by the recent wave of negative reviews for KDE4.1 rc1. I had really hoped to try it out but unfortunately being a ubuntu Gutsy user, the upgrade path is a little rocky.

Anyways, one major feature I missed badly was the network-manager for KDE which apparently was missing in the default KDE4 setup. Here, let me show you how to install and get the network manager running.

1. Fire up your terminal and install kmix and network-manager for kde via apt.
Note, the network-manager package is a kde3 release which still works well in KDE4.

$ apt-get install kmix-kde4
$ apt-get intall network-manager-kde

2.To run network-manager-kde, simply run this via terminal or using Alt + F2

$ knetworkmanager

3. To make sure kmix and knetworkmanager launch at startup, simply create a new Autorun file as follows (use your favorite text editor)

$ gedit ~/.kde4/Autostart/kmix

$ kwrite ~/.kde4/Autostart/kmix

4. Add these following lines into it and save the file.

kmix; dcop kmix kmix-mainwindow;#1 hide

5. Setup the required permissions

$ sudo chmod u+x ~/.kde4/Autostart/kmix

6. Great you are done now. knetworkmanager should appear in your taskbar on startup.


Anonymous said...

Session-restore is activated automatically in KDE 4.1. So to autostart KMix and KNetworkManager you only need to have them running when you log out, reboot or shutdown.

Also I would change

$ gedit ~/.kde4/Autostart/kmix


$ kwrite ~/.kde4/Autostart/kmix

Not many who try KDE 4.1 have GNOME installed. ;)

Also I see a typo:

$ apt-get intall network-manakger-kde

should be

$ apt-get intall network-manager-kde

Thanks for this post.

Anoj said...

Thanks for the comment. Corrected the typo. I do envy KDE 4.1 now. Donno why they stopped support for Gutsy. We are stuck with KDe 4.0 but it's still good :)

Anonymous said...

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