Saturday, September 15, 2007

Installing VMware Server On Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) Part 3

Creating a new Virtual Machine

1. Start the VMWare service (if not already running)
# sudo /etc/init.d/vmware restart

2. Start VMWare and connect to the server

1. #sudo vmware

2. Select the host to connect to. (Local host : in our case)

3. Start VMWare virtual machine wizard

1. Select "Create a new virtual machine"

2. Wizard is launched. Select a "Typical" Configuration.

3. Select your desired OS (XP Pro in our case)

4. Provide a name and location where you want to store this image

5. Select your network settings (Bridge in our case)

6. Choose the desired file space and memory you wish to allocate to this OS

7. Click Finish.

4. Install an OS on this VM

In the previous step you have created a filespace and allocation for this VM. Next you need to install an OS. Either you can insert your bootable CD in the drive and click "Power On" or install directly from an iso image by doing the following:

1. Click "Edit Virtual Machine Settings " under your new VM
2. Click "Add" to add new hardware
3. Add a new CD Drive and choose an iso image in place of a /dev/cdx device.

5. We are almost done

Now click "Power On". Your VM will boot from your CD Drive or your iso and the installation of OS will proceed.

By default, Sound card is not added in the device list and so are your USB devices. You can selective choose which all you need. Remember, more the devices, more the memory requirements.

Also, its recommended that you install the vmware tools, once the OS is installed.

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