Monday, October 15, 2007

Best IDE for C development on Linux ?

Lately, I have been coding heavily in C for my honors year project. Here is my prefered list of IDEs.

1. Eclipse/ EasyEclipse
  • Eclipse CDT
    Your favorite IDE with a C/C++ development toolkit

  • EasyEclipse C/C++
    A nice Eclipse based IDE tailor-made for C/C++ (highly recommended)

2. NetBeans with C/C++ plugin
  • Netbeans C/C++ development pack
    A nice addon pack to the super powerful Netbeans environment. Tough to choose between this and eclipse. Similar features but a little more welcoming than eclipse...;)

3. kdevelop/kate
  • KDevelop
    A nice light-weight development IDE that supports tonnes of formats.

  • Kate
    More like a generic multi document editor with a nice and clean interface. Highly recommended if you are coding small snippets and not full blown projects.

Other noteworthy mentions:

Feel free to send in your favorite IDE and I'll add them to this list.

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