Friday, October 19, 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) FInally Released

Finally, the next Ubuntu upgrade is out. Gutsy Gibbon released, waiting for Hungry Hippo (the next release). Ubuntu guys surely know some creative codenames for their releases ;)

The new ubuntu has the latest GNOME 2.20. Not sure if Kubuntu 7.10 is coming out any time soon. KDE 4 is planned to release in December. The last time I heard, folks at kubuntu were trying to follow the KDE development cycle for their release. Anyways, enjoy the new GNOME till then.

Dowload the iso from:

Pitched as the best release *ever*, can't wait to try this release. I am currently busy with some projects and a test tomorrow. The mirrors are also pretty busy with traffic but expecting my download to complete by tomorrow.

Those staying in NUS campus can wait till we mirror the new release. Hopefully it should be available soon for the network install or iso downloads. Find it here at :

Anyways, I'll post my experience upgrading from Fesity to Gutsy in upcoming days. Hope the migration is smooth as always. Enjoy the new release...

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