Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BlogIt: Publishing to all blogging networks right from facebook

With a plethora of blogging applications on facebook, Six Apart's Blog it, application promises of a quick publishing option to all major blogging and micro-blogging platforms. Currently they support almost everything from - Blogger, Typepad, Wordpress, Vox, to Pownce and twitter. It also publishes excerpts from your newly published post on to your friend feeds.

It is a really nice gesture from Six Apart to support networks outside it's usual Typepad, Vox and MovableType umbrella. But how well does it really work.. To test that out, I am publishing this post right out of Blog It. Whether it worked or not, it's for you guys to check out ;)

Btw, feel free to add me on Pownce and Twitter and check out the results here...

Just add your accounts, and you are ready to blog. A simple editor that supports html tags. Just for quick and easy blogging. Nothing fancy.

It works..Twitter, pownce and feeds all displaying the new post ;).

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