Thursday, April 24, 2008

Twist: Analysing Trends on Twitter

Twitter is so much in news these days. People procrastinate about the frequent service breakdowns, yet they can't live without it. There is so much information twittered around the blogosphere and tonnes of third party services are cashing in, trying to make the data more meaningful and accessible.

Flaptor , which specializes in data mining and information search, has just launched a new service to observe user trends in twitter. Twist looks at mentions of the queried terms in tweets in the public timeline and graphs them over time.

Users can also on any of the terms and go directly to the recent Twitter messages containing that term.Brand owners, researchers and marketeers will love this tool but for the common web surfer, it's a pretty interesting service to play around with. Look at some of the comparisons one could do :)

So the next time, when you want to prove your point on how Mac users waste all their time twittering, you know where to look for the info :D.. Happy twittering!


Anonymous said...

Nice find. Question to ponder..
Wii > Xbox > PS3
Does that mean more Wii owners twitter or there are more twitterers who own Wii. And are the tweets positive or just complaints.
Nothin conclusive right, but yeah it does show what's buzzing more in the blogosphere.

Yash said...

I think its probably a result of there being a lot more Wiis (Wiis sounds so wrong) out there than PS3s. This kind of data is better analyzed when coupled with recent news the product has been making. In those terms google trends does a better job.

Thanks for the info Anoj!