Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Orgoo: Aggregating all your e-mails and IM accounts

Long long time ago, getting a hotmail account was the coolest thing to do, then came the hip yahoomail and soon thereafter, people started flocking for gmail invites.

Take my example, I have 3 gmail accounts, one for personal use, one just for blogging, and one for official purposes. I also have an official university mail account (NUS), and a faculty email account (SoC). I do have hotmail and yahoomail accounts, but I really don't care about them anymore.Lately, gTalk has become my defacto IM client, but I still use my MSN and yahoo messengers for project meetings.

With so many accounts to manage and the ever increasing pain of checking all these accounts each day for updates, there is a need for aggregating all these services. Enter Orgoo, which promises to be the one stop destination for all your communication needs. It seamlessly fetches and aggregates emails from different web services. With a built in support for POP and IMAP, and a meebo-style multi protocal messenger, it seems to have the right mix for a killer convergent web service.

Currently, it supports Gmail, aol, .Mac, external POP, IMAP and premium versions of hotmail and yahoo but they have plans to add support for the standard accounts soon.

For IM, they currently support msn,aol, yahoo, gTalk and ICQ.

Another really cool feature is that the history of all the IM chats are stored in a folder in your email view for future reference.

So, is it perfect? I have been using Orgoo for a few months now, ever since its private beta. It often has connection problems and the service is sometimes quite slow. Having said that, saving the hassle of logging in and out of my gmail accounts, is a good enough reason for me to keep using the product.
Overall, thumbs up. I do hope the service quality improves as their user base increases. Highly recommended ;)

**update: Do try another alternative service called Fuser. It seems to have a slicker interface, but does it match with Orgoo?,..wouldn't know till I try. Expect the review soon ;)


Anonymous said... is better. No IM though.

Anoj said...

Haven't tried fuser yet.. but I use orgoo a lot for IM as well. Will give Fuser a try soon.. thanks