Monday, June 09, 2008

BioShock: Fixing the Savegame crash bug

Recently I bought the PC version of BioShock. I had been waiting for this release ever since the amazing reviews that came out which praised the console version of this modern FPS. Unfortunately, the pc game is riddled with bugs and spoils most of the fun.

The most irksome bug is the savegame crash bug. Each time you save your game, the game crashes/freezes. If 2k Games expects you to finish the game, playing continously for 36 hours, without any provision of saving, they surely overestimate our gaming provess. Anyways, let's fix it.

The key problem is that in th retail version, save files were being saved with the extension bsg when they should be bsb. To overcome this, here is something you should try.

Download this niftly little app called BioShock tweaker and change the save game extension from bsg to bsb. I also recommend running it at 1440*900 or lower.

BioShock is a beautiful game but 2K Games' poor execution for the PC enthusiasts leaves a lot to be desired. It should have never made to retail stores with so many bugs. Hopefully, some new patches will iron out all the bugs very soon. Till then, the world of Rupture awaits me. I am off.

Src: Grim_2o0o at 2K forums


Anonymous said...

thanks; lots of complaints, you seem to be the only fix.

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me, back to google...

Anonymous said...

It does not work for me, too bad