Monday, June 02, 2008

Why have the posts dried out ??

Agreed it's vacation time and I should have loads of free time to keep updating the blog.

I have 3 excuses to help me out here -

1. I am now back home in India juggling an inconsistent internet connection, XP woes and a technologically insensitive crowd. People around me would rather waste timing sleeping, eating and watching IPL (A cricket league), than discuss the latest happenings in the world of technology.
A poor connection also means no reviewing of latest web2.0 applications.

2. I blog mostly about "my" personal experience with technology. How I did things which satisfied some distinctive need of mine, be it on Linux or sometimes on windows. Lately, the journey has become so smooth that I have nothing great to write about these days. It's a plus in many ways as my transition from XP to Linux has been so evolutionary. I have also seen the rise of amazing web2.0 technologies, the Ajax revolution, the facebook culture and highly imaginative and innovative range of web applications.

3. Finally. I have graduated from my Alma mater, National University of Singapore. My first job seems likely to be a more functional one than technical. I want to play around with as much new stuff I can before starting work. Some say one should prepare for the job ahead. I rather believe in doing what the heart says. In the next couple of weeks, I am trying out a lot- new languages, new frameworks, new technologies. Slowly transitioning from a technical perspective to the functional view of managing technology.

Long post. Hope it helped justify my laziness to blog. Great! Time to get back to writing up something useful after a long dry spell of inconsequential posts.

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Anonymous said...

technologically "insensitive", who are you referring to ;)