Monday, May 23, 2011

Removing IT Policy from your old office blackberry

Note: The following instructions is for information purpose only. You could be violating your corporate security policies by applying it on your active blackberry

So you have an old decommissioned blackberry, and you would like to use it as a spare phone. Follow the below instructions to set your blackberry "free"

1. Ensure Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed. You can download it from the bb website or from here.

2. Select the Blackberry internet service option while installing the Desktop manager

3. Take a backup (if needed) and Wipe your blackberry device from Options > Security Options> SecurityWipe on the device. Or entering a wrong password 6 times.

4. Now Connect your device, Start the desktop manager and select Application Loader. In the background, some configuration and registry entries will be created.

5. Now close the desktop manager and eject your device. Download this policy.bin file and save it in your blackberry desktop manager installation folder. This is a bare minimum policy file with minimal restrictions.
 In our example, we have installed it in D:\downloads\software\blackberry\install

6. Go to Run, and type "Regedit" to Open Registry editor. In the tree on the left side, Navigate to HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager

7. Right-Click the Policy Manager Folder and select New/String Value. Name the value "Path". Now, Double-Click the Path Subkey and set Value Data to the location of the policy file.

eg. D:\downloads\software\blackberry\install\policy.bin

8. Now open the desktop manager and connect the device. The new policy settings will be applied automatically. Go back to your device and check if the IT policies have been cleared.

Congrats! Your blackberry has been officially restored. You can now install 3rd party apps, access data/voice which your company's policies might have blocked, and start using it as a normal smartphone.

Credit: Crackberry Forums

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