Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Hate Weekends

Another weekend comes, and passes without me even realising, how valuable free times are.
After a really boring and hectic week, with full of frickin labs, tutorials, presentations, term papers, I spent my entire friday night, watching the complete season 2 of Greys Anatomy. A marathon 25 episodes.

After a satisfied sense of accomplishment, I went to sleep, just to wake up 16 hours later. Saturdays gone man, nothing done.

Doc Izzy : My fav character from Grey's Anatomy

Frustration sometimes leads to hasty acts. I was so pissed my oversleeping that I deleted WMedia Player and all my special hand picked codecs. So now even when I click on a video file, nothing happens, which is supercool.

My friend remarked that majority of the seasons are online on youtube and dailymotion, so I can still watch them without any codecs. So, I wasn't as smart as I'd initially thought.
This is where Linux came to my rescue.60% of the time I use my Red Hat Linux, which is notoriuos for codec support. Imagine watching a flash video without sound. Sucks eh ?
Not anymore,, bad support can be a blessing, sometimes.

I have now virtually watched everything that I could find on my shcool LAN. My re-runs will begin after my exam. Lets give these eyes a break.

On a more positive note, I am still waiting for my internship letter from JP Morgan. Yeah, 6 months of corporate environment, without coding for a single day. That's life. Really excited about it.

Anyways, time to get back. Saturdays are boring. I am not sure what I need to do but I will think of something. Fk, How I hate lame boring uneventful Saturdays.

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