Wednesday, November 29, 2006

War of Consoles

War of Consoles

Following are excerpts from my yahoo360 blog, posted few weeks back. Contain outdated information. Planning to write a script to autopost the same contents in both.

The big story this week, well, not one, but three. Three exciting new products were launched. Engineering and technological brilliance, well beyond the years. The battle of consoles heats up with 3 contenders fighting for the crown. Initially all the critics relegated Nintendo's contention and were focussing on the Redmond Giant and the Japanese Techlord, but lately Nintendo's unique gameplay and competitive pricing, have made them the favorites. Innovative and sporting a revolutionary new controller for playing console games, Wii tops my list of must haves.

Who wants 6 cell processors and Blue Ray or HDD devices. The essense of console gaming is having fun and not a super computer which can do anything. So whose the real winner ?.... IBM .
Kudos to IBM for develop the processors of all the 3 consoles. Amazing super power and architectural brilliance. Cell processors of PS 3 will pave way to next gen CPUs.


Microsoft loves entering new market segments. Why can't they just stick to what they are good at, i.e developing softwares. Well, not many have the guts to compete against Sony and Apple at their own terrains. MS launched their Zune player to compete against the Ipod. Zune touted as the next ipod killer has been facing bad reviews everywhere, specially by die hard ipod fans.
Personally, I admire Microsoft 's attempts to overthrow the ipod as I personally am bored by their dominance in the mp3 player segment. Apple's revenue from ipods is 3 times their Macs.
Who would have thought a music player will resurrect a PC vendor. Ipod nano is technological wonder, no doubt about it. The way their engineers put in so much in such a tiny package, itself is a wonder. But too many ipods spoil the fun. Let's have something new. Competition brings in innovations and is great for the economy. I hope people like the Zune.

No doubt, this week is my most cherished week, all this year. Great technology, nice articles, video coverages and cool reviews . Go to now. The hot topic is the one we are discussing here.
Anyways, next time. Laterz and happy teching.


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