Monday, November 06, 2006

Google's Expansion, Microsoft XBOX and more..


My last 2 blogs were about two Tv shows which I saw during the weekends. That must give the general audience, a couch potato image of me. A fat, short guy with glasses, who loves to watch tv shows.

Here is a different side of me, a tech addict side. Doctors may wanna call this a "technomaniac" syndrome. I browse internet 15+ hours/day, visit and every 15 mins, and need a cool gadget review to make me high.

I was writing my security report on PayPay, when I stumbled accross Google's checkout. A solution which simplifies online buying. Initially people thought google was competing against PayPal but later it clarified that checkout is trying to solve a different problem, problem of keying in account details for every purchase. With checkout, google promises users to keep their account information safe, and start purchasing stuffs with a click of a button.

Who are they trying to fool ?

The Google I know, strives on competition on innovation. That's what the world loves about them.

Other hot news flying around digg these days is the 4.7 million+ lines of code of their new HDDrive support software for XBOX360, which microsoft proudly announced. Wow, thats shitload of code. Thats 1/10th the size of Windows XP. Wonder what Microsoft is hiding ?

I have had this crazy feeling that Microsoft has concealed control override codes in their products, and when the time is ripe, they will initiate Project World Domination ;). Software world over will takeover and a new society will be born. Oh. Ok that may be over exaggeration, but I hope you all got the picture.

Anyways, Best of luck to my two favorite companies. Hope both of them become successful projects.

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