Friday, December 15, 2006

Sabayon or FC6

Rmbr we discussed how to decide which Linux distro is best for you. I finally decided to move over my existing RHEL4 rig. It had served me well for so long. I was on the lookout for the worthy successor to take its place.
I zeroed in to 2 distros. First obvious choice was FC6, the official free successor of RHEL. The second, a relatively unknown distro called Sabayon.
FC6 has all the bells and whistles of a stable and exciting next gen distro. The cool new blue dna helix theme with XGL, tonnes of packages and great support. Everyone knows FC6.

So what is Sabayon ?
Well, well, well, thats what I am going to find out. Sabayon is a Gentoo made for the masses. Gentoo is a notorious for its steep learning curve, which Sabayon is trying to overcome.
The DVD comes prepackaged with all the usual stuff + Beryl + XGL. I am not intrested in eye candy n stuff. It is fun to flaunt your desktop now and then but a stable server platform is what I am intrested in. Gentoo gives full control to user as everything is compiled from bottoms up. I have always wanted to try Gentoo but the complicated installations have been a major turn offs. There's a lot I expect from Sabayon. Only time will tell.

Currently i am downloading both fc6 and Sabayon DVDs. In an hour, they should be done. Will keep you all updated.

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