Friday, December 15, 2006

Sabayon vs Fc6 : Round 1

It wasn't a lucky day for me. All nite I tried

Round 1:

Fc6 - I was too lazy to burn DVD so i burnt the boot.iso and opted for ftp install. The mirror was my school's own mirror, so I was pretty confident, of everything working. But, fate..
My first attempt, ftp install dint work so I tried an http install, and luckily it moved ahead.
But while I was creating a partition, an exception was thrown, and the handler showed me to inform via bugzilla. Lolz, how will someone without an OS contact bugzilla.

I din't lose hope. I tried again. This time I selected all options, packages etc. When it started installing, everything froze. I guessed that it was because of slow network connection to the mirror. Will confirm later. So FC6, score = 0/10

Sabayon - I was expecting a lot from it. Rather than trying the live cd, I decided to install, as my partitions were already screwed up b'cos of FC6's, interrupted installs. Installation went smoothly as the GUI install uses anaconda that FC and RHEL also use. But strangely, I din't see any package selection choices. It only asked which default desktop I use. That's it. Installation completed smoothly and I was ready to boot. I was excitedly waiting to see XGL + Beryl combo.
But fate again..., the OS took ages to boot, which I presumed b'cos of first time boot. I selected kde, and man was it taking too long. Patiently i waited for everything to load. Then I clicked on firefox,Opera etc, nothing happened. Luckily konqueror was working. I googled to find that i had to do :

emerge --sync
glsa-check -f all

After doing all, some parts started working. I turned off XGL as it hardly seemed to work and was slowing down everything. Dejected and disappointed, I tried gnome and it was no different.
I rebooted to see, some performance improvement in Gnome, but KDE is still the same. The boot up time also seemed painfully long.

I tried the live cd on my friends old laptop. It seemed to work decently with XGL and Beryl working wonderfully. I am planning to try again tmr. Wait for round 2.
score = 4/10

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