Monday, December 11, 2006

Software of the Day - Mozilla Sunbird & KOrganizer

This is a section, where I describe free software that you can't live without.
Today's theme - Calendar and Organizer programs.

Contenders : Mozilla Sunbird & KOrganizer

My Take : Being a student, organizing time is very important. Scheduling time for projects, lectures and meetings is hell of a task. Both these programs look and feel similar. Give them a try today and see how great they are. Alarms, sending auto-email notifications, organizing in different timelines etc. KOrganizer is exclusive for Linux only. Sunbird's available for all platforms.

Conclusion : If you are a Linux user, use KOrganizer, small, fast and lite. It may be outdated, but still packs a punch.If you are windows user, use Mozilla sunbird. It's a little buggy, and one may need to get used to its interface, but nevertheless, has all the features that Outlook or any other commercial softwares offer.
For people like me, who use both Windows and Linux, use both. Both of them can save in the iCalendar (ics) format. Writing and reading 1 single file on both the platforms help me to maintain a consistent schedule.
If anyone needs some help in using any of them, do message me. I'll try writing a small primer.

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