Friday, December 15, 2006

Sabayon vs Fc6 :- round 2 - FC6 improves

Round 1 was disappointing for fedora. Can FC6 make a comeback. Here goes nothing...

I had learnt well from my previous encounter, not to trust http or ftp install. I burnt FC6 complete DVD and was all set to test it. I popped in the DVD and rebooted. The familiar anaconda installer, popped up, I selected the partitions, the packages etc., and all went smoothly. I selected the bare minimum servers (dns, dhcp and apache) and started the install process. In 30 mins, everything was ready. I removed the DVD and pressed on reboot.
Hmm, fate again...... Kernel sent a panic signal everytime I tried to boot to FC6. I was really pissed, but wanted to give fc6 one more go. I rebooted using the dvd, selected the upgrade option rather than install.
Some packages were installed (not sure why), and rebooted.

Viola, everything was ready. Bootup was 20x faster than the Sabayon. Gnome and Kde looked stunning with XGL and the system seemed fast and stable. Noticable points - Flash audio worked, yum worked flawlessly and in 10 mins I had installed all audio and video codecs and apps. Good eh.

Score : round 2 - 9/10

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