Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Desktop Blogging : ScribeFire for Ubuntu

Bloggers web interface really frustrates me and is not ideal for writing long articles ;). I was also looking for a nice replacement for BloGTk., which had served well even with it's extensive set of limitations and bugs. There are tonnes of other alternatives for linux like the Gnome Blog poster, Drivel Journal editor. You could also use google Docs to directly post on to blogger.
For a list of such apps, visit :

Finally I ended up trying ScribeFire. The beauty of firefox addons are that they are cross-platform. This brings some seriously useful functions to linux. For instance, DownThemAll which easily is the best download manager that linux has.

ScribeFire is good, easy to use, has a nice interface with tonnes of features. It even connects to your account and fetches your tags and bookmarks. It has both preview and code panels, a technoarti search and a ftp/html picture upload function (you need to have some hosted web space to do this)

There are some flaws too, which I hope the developers can fix soon. For instance, the wonderful account wizard connected and extracted everything from my blogger account, but the tags weren't imported. The Html view really has some bugs ;) and it still doesn't support the image upload that blogger supports. My guess that the blogger API doesn't allow 3rd party apps to upload images to its servers.
You can use Fireuploader addon, to upload your pics to flickr or picasa and then use the link with ScribeFire. Personally I prefer blogger due to its image upload function.

Anyways, overall a nice app, for those who love to script their blog ;) will love the wide and feature rich tool set of ScribeFire.

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