Wednesday, November 07, 2007

World class University starts a module on Facebook Applications programming

National University of Singapore, a famous university in SE Asia has started a course on developing Facebook Apps. Cleverly termed as a Software development for evolving platforms, it's open to students from all background - Arts, Science, Computers etc, with absolutely no programming experience needed.

So how many are actually interested in doing this module ?...

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The intial feedback from some of my friends was really surprising. They were actually looking forward to doing it next semester. The ones who graduated are a little upset of not having similar opportunities during their time.

So what exactly is the module about?
It's typically a software engineering course for facebook. Team of students have to design and implement a new application for facebook. Along with the application, a presentation and a business plan might be needed.

Is it heavy?
All SOC (School of Computing) modules are heavy. If people from other backgrounds wish to experience the crunching, painful, laborious life of SOCians, they should take this, as the pre-requisite is highly subsidized as its the first outing of the module, and they want a nice attendance.

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