Sunday, February 24, 2008

KDE4 : Removing the annoying Konsole beeps

In KDE3 console, the beeps could be disabled from Settings > Bell.
Strangely, I couldn't find any such option in the new KDE4 Konsole.
It has tonnes of new features, but the bell option is hidden somewhere. Let us see how to disable it.

You could start with the following commands
xset b off

setterm -blength 0

If nothing works, best is to switch off the bell from the your profile's inputrc file.
echo 'set bell-style none' >> ~/.inputrc

Great!! Another annoyance solved. Enjoy using KDE 4.

PS: To all the fanatics who are criticizing KDE 4, be patient and give them more time. I bet it's gonna be awesome when KDE 4.1 comes out.

[Src: Debian-Admin ]


Ran said...

Thanks... none of this worked when I SSHed in to another machine, but it was nice for my current one. I found a setting -- configure notifications had two bell options -- but while one of them had the bell sound I sought, disabling it did nothing.

So I found out where KDE-Sys-App-Message.ogg was and deleted it. Not a good solution, but every time I heard that bell the rage grew. Now I will *never* hear it. :)

gonetil said...

If useful for someone...
Delete the file is not probably the best idea. So, you can just change its name. An easy way to do it, just type:
sudo mv /usr/lib/kde4/share/sounds/KDE-Sys-App-Message.ogg /usr/lib/kde4/share/sounds/KDE-Sys-App-Message.ogg.bak

Anoj said...

Renaming the file is definitely a better idea. Sometimes system beeps are useful. Better safe than sorry!
Thanks for that ;)