Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tech TV this week

This is a new segment on my blog. I watch a lot of online tech shows. Here I'll list my week's favs.

1. Natali Del Conte's Loaded
Natali replaces Veronica Belmont as the next cele-babe at This show rivals Cali Lewis' GreekBrief.TV with it's short round up of daily tech news mon-thursday

2. Tekzilla
Patrick Norton delivers yet another entertaining episode of Tekzilla this week along with special guest Veronica Belmont. Kevin Rose guest hosted last weeks ep.

Veronica Belmont was here last week. I am yet to see this week's episode.
But Robert Heron has never disappointed us.

4. Cranky Greeks
John Dvorak discusses with a couple of reporters from The Register, regarding the Microsoft and Yahoo deal.


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