Sunday, March 09, 2008

KDE 4.0.2 A huge disappointment

There are seldom such instances where a patch/update crashes a decently running system ;)
I had a great time upgrading to KDE 4.0.1. The latest KDE update (4.0.2) seems to have some plasma rendering issues with my system . My KDE 4 refuses to load and crashes with sig11. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knows how to revert to the old package of 4.0.1. Synaptics fails to fetch the older versions. Probably kubuntu removed all the old packages from launchpad.

Till I find a fix, its is back to Gnome and Xfce. Hope the next update fixes this issue.

Here is a way to downgrade to the older KDE 4.0.1 Release

PS: It might just be an one off incident. Hope this doesn't deter you all from trying KDE 4. Can't wait for the official 4.1 release.


Anonymous said...

KDE 4.0.2 crashes Konqueror on my Debian system. Everything else is okay so far =)

Anoj said...

Yup, i know. Mine is one of those really unlucky cases where KDE4 doesnt even start :D ...That's what makes debugging the issue so hard. Enjoy ur KDE4 experience