Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tech TV this week

Here is my pick of tech shows this week

Great Shows:

1. Natali Del Conte's Loaded
This show has become my favorite one-stop show for daily tech news. Ms Conte is a charming host indeed. Just one complaint. I have no idea why cnet doesn't display the show on the home page. They should publicize the show more.

2. Tekzilla
Another great show this week. Patrick shows how to install Linux and a way to find lost cameras. The best thing I like about the site is the no. of sizes and formats the show is available in. Must watch.

3. Olivia Waters' DailyBuzz TV
Some interesting shows were on the twitter spats and the recent Mark Zuckerberg/Sarah Lacy interview. This is a part of MoBuzz TV, which is based in spain.

Now, Not so great shows:
I have always loved but lately the content is becoming repetitive and boring. The Hulu segment was long and unnecessary. C'mon guys, get back and regroup.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the show - thanks for watching! Olivia